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Flight To Heaven

Planning a Vanuatu Trip – An Unforgettable Getaway!

Someone once described Vanuatu as ‘a little piece of Heaven on Earth’; and that does sum it up quite accurately! This beautiful island is located right in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, far, far away from all the rushing and stress in modern day life. Perhaps it would be better described as ‘pieces’ of Heaven, since Vanuatu is actually made up of around 83 small, tropical islands. If you and your special someone are looking for a place to get away from it all and spend quality time together, then planning a Vanuatu trip is just what you need!

Choosing a top resort to base yourselves at for the duration of your Vanuatu trip will make the difference between having an average holiday or one filled to the brim of your cocktail glass with comfort and luxury. You may be pleased to know that some resorts in Vanuatu are completely child-free; an ideal situation for couples who don’t want to be interrupted by noisy games and chatter! The best resorts even offer the option of having a private swimming pool attached to your room – so you have exclusive rights to soak in the water whenever you feel like it. If swimming outdoors surrounded by Vanuatu’s natural beauty appeals more, then that is just a matter of walking to a nearby lagoon. Sipping coconut cocktails while relaxing in the sun is certain to be a highlight of your Vanuatu trip. Once you’ve had enough of the water, some resorts offer hammocks to snuggle up by your other half for a nice afternoon nap.

Adventurous couples have plenty to see and do around the Vanuatu islands… make sure you find a resort that is well connected with local tour companies so it’s easy for you to plan trips around the hot spots. You have many options available for recreation on your Vanuatu trip. The islands offer diving, fishing, snorkelling, even paragliding if you want a bird’s eye view of the incredible scenery! Or, for an intimate night out, you could take a sun set cruise around the inlets while eating a delicious dinner for two.

These South Pacific islands are certainly an experience like no other, and sure to be a place you fill with romantic, fun, carefree memories that you and your partner will relive over and over after returning from your Vanuatu trip! Until of course you find yourselves going back for another holiday in paradise.

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