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Have You Ordered Your Holiday Cards Yet? 5 Reasons Why Ordering Early Can Benefit You

Summer is not yet over but now is the perfect time to begin preparing for the upcoming holiday rush by ordering your holiday cards early. Here are 5 reasons why placing your Christmas cards order now can be of benefit to you.

1) Update your mailing list. Begin to prepare your holiday cards mailing list now by confirming and updating your address list from last year. Follow up with friends, business associates and customers who may have moved during the year. This will give you an added opportunity to connect and network as well as send a message that says you are an excellent planner!

2) Stress less addressing. By ordering your holiday cards now, you will have the luxury of addressing the envelopes and signing the cards at your leisure before the holiday madness begins and people start to disappear as they burn their unused time off. You’ll have the cards all ready and waiting for that special new holiday stamp release in October.

3) Unlimited selection. The selection is great with inventory levels high and brand new holiday cards already available. Online ordering has never been easier and with plenty of time now, you can review thousands of card designs to select the one that is perfect for your needs.

4) Be the first. Lead the way by sending one of the first cards to arrive this season. Holiday cards received early are more warmly appreciated and when displayed, get much more prolonged exposure. It also says you are a forward thinking company or individual. You may even want to consider sending a Happy Thanksgiving card to beat all other cards during the holiday season. A Thanksgiving card sends an appreciation of thanks to those whose business and friendship you value and will arrive before the traditional greeting cards accumulate.

5) Set a trend. Be the first to set a popular trend this year. Show you and your company are interested in the environment by sending recycled paper cards that are earth friendly. Be proactive and go green! Also popular this year are holiday photo cards that include your favorite photograph or original artwork. By starting early you can create a unique holiday greeting that will stand out from all the others.
By ordering your holiday cards early this year you will be far less stressed and your greeting will be much more appreciated and valued by those lucky enough to receive it. Check “buy holiday cards” off your list early this year and leave more time for enjoying the season and for planning the perfect holiday party!

Linda Cress Dowdy is an avid greeting card enthusiast and professional author, editor and copywriter. For a great selection of holiday cards and greeting cards for all occasions, visit http://www.CardsDirect.com


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