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Paphos, Cyprus – The Perfect Family Getaway Destination

As cultural family getaways go, there are countless destinations to choose from – ranging from beach tropical settings to city locales. However, an increasing number of families are in search of holiday destinations that are slightly “off the beaten path”. Still, opting for such destinations doesn’t mean you have to forgo some of the more enjoyable “touristy” aspects of a holiday – such as museums, landmarks, festivals and more. If you’re looking for a cultural getaway destination to take the whole family, but don’t necessarily want the crowds, head to Paphos, Cyprus – a gem in the Mediterranean region.

A small town located on the southwestern tip of Cyprus, Paphos has much to offer families who want all the great aspects of a cultural getaway, without all the tourists. Renowned as the birthplace of Greek goddess Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty – it’s already apparent that Paphos has a certain historic allure to it. But this notion is soon fortified by way of Paphos’ historical and cultural attractions – from Paphos Archaeological Park and the Tombs of the King, to Paphos Fort – which served as a fort and prison under many administrators. The Odeon, a classic Greek amphitheatre within Paphos Archaeological Park, is also highly worth seeing – and the amphitheater occasionally holds plays and musical performances, which are a truly special treat.

Traveling to Paphos with children? They’ll love Paphos Bird Park and Paphos Aphrodite Water Park – a large themed water park boasting plenty of slides, river rides, wave machines, and more. Of course, Paphos is also famous for its many beaches – so whether you want to lounge under the golden sun or partake in some water sports, Paphos offers ideal opportunities to do either. Paphos is also within easy reach of other popular destinations in Cyprus – such as Episkopi and Mandria – enabling you to take day trips from Paphos.

Another great aspect to Paphos is that it can be enjoyed on all budgets. Whether your family wants to take a budget holiday or a luxury getaway, you’ll find hotels, restaurants, and activities to suit your spending style. Many activities, such as going to the beach and touring around the town’s landmarks, are free – so budget conscious travellers can enjoy an outstanding holiday in Paphos without spending much. Alternatively, you might choose to stay in a 5 star family hotel to receive high-class service, amenities and accommodations. But no matter which way you go about it, you can count on a memorable holiday experience with the whole family in Paphos.

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