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Flight To Heaven

Mauritius Honeymoon – An Indian Ocean Luxury Stay

We were standing on the white sandy beaches looking on to the most beautiful sight of turquoise sea when Aidan picked me up and dropped me right into the water.

Lucky for him it was nice and warm because I’ve never been big on swimming in the ocean. So I gathered up all my strength, because he’s much bigger than I, and pulled him in too. You can imagine that this was a battle I was not about to lose. And even though he wouldn’t admit it, I still say that it was a battle won. The rest of our day was spent lazing away by the beach, either swimming or enjoying the occasional Caribbean cocktail.

An island getaway

This was our honeymoon as a newlywed couple. We decided that time spent on the island of Mauritius would be the perfect getaway. Life so far has been really busy and after organizing our big day, we both just wanted some time to unwind.

We booked in at the Dinarobin Hotel, the honeymoon suite. It really was stunning! Our room had a spectacular panoramic view. We were surrounded by the view of the Indian Ocean’s blue-green waters, palm trees and two weeks of absolute relaxed pleasure ahead of us.

Lazy days

Our days started with sleeping late every morning. Although Aidan is an early riser, I’m not. So waking up without the annoying sound of an alarm already adds to my increased relaxed state and feeling much more excited about life. Starting your day with your love beside you in a five-star hotel and your breakfast served in bed is every girl’s dream. A lifetime spent like this seemed perfect.

Some fun-filled activities

Our days were spent with some fun adventures. On one of our adventures we chose what is referred to as a submarine “seafairy”. I think the name is pretty self-explanatory, but doesn’t do the beauty of the trip any justice. To be surrounded by the mesmerizing marine life in such a way left me speechless, or rather to the over-use of the word “wow”. It’s not the same as when you dive. You’re not as distracted as when you are in your scuba-gear and you have the joy of being treated with platters and drinks while doing so.

I must also add that even after seeing octopi numerous times while diving I still found them to be absolutely astonishing and quite elegant in their underwater routines.

Of course, while on our honeymoon we had quite a few romantic sunset walks on the beaches of Mauritius. It is amazing how easily one forgets about life back home, and when the time comes to actually return home you feel like a three year-old ready to throw a tantrum.

Exquisite cuisine

During our stay we were spoiled with nights of pure mouth-watering fine dining. Each night we tried a different restaurant in the surrounding area and each and every single one of them was gastronomically orgasmic. Although I must say that the overloaded seafood platter of crayfish, prawns and a variety of local line fish was by far my favourite.

Spoil yourself

One thing that I didn’t realize when we booked our honeymoon, something Aidan conveniently forgot to mention, was that Dinarobin was known for their golf course. An 18-hole golf course of heaven for my new hubby. And while he was busy walking after a little white ball, I spent my time relaxing at the spa.

Dinarobin’s spa offers comprehensive packages and the architecture itself is absolutely stunning. I opted for the Ayurvedic treatments, and after much oil and massaging, I was revitalized from head to toe. They had a special gift for honeymooners which included some fine bubbly to enjoy while being pampered. I had asked it to be sent off to our suite that Aidan and I could savour it together later that evening.

Aidan had a successful game of golf and I felt like I was rejuvenated after a day of bliss at the spa. Our perfect getaway was sadly coming to an end.

Feeling like you’ve been swept away by your man and enjoying some “tlc” is everything I wanted from our honeymoon. Dinarobin was definitely the perfect romantic honeymoon getaway we hoped for, and we will be sure to book our 1st anniversary with them again to relive our memories!

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