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Where to Stay During Your Golf Holiday in Florida

Florida, in particular Orlando, is huge on golf. Many people travel to Florida for their annual golfing holiday. In 2009 Florida hosted 4 PGA Tour events and boasts a number of courses designed by the all time greats. Before you travel to Florida on your golfing trip or vacation you might want to think about where you want to stay. There are many different options when it comes to staying in Florida / Orlando, and one of the most popular choices is to hire a private holiday villa.

Many people enjoy playing Golf because it helps them escape from the reality and stress of going to work everyday, so what better way to relax and unwind than staying in a private villa with your family or golfing buddies? Holiday Villas are often very cost effective, because you pay for the Villa and not per person. This means if your party of golfers is quite large then you can spread the cost between you making it much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Likewise many Villas have a garage (sometimes double garage) which means there is plenty of room to store you golf clubs, again, unlike in a cramped hotel room.

Of course there is much more to Florida than just golf. There are plenty of attractions that offer fantastic experiences such as Disney World, Universal Stuidos, Gatar Land and Sea World. There are also many nice beaches if you choose to stay near to the coast. If you are on a golfing holiday and you are travelling with your family it is important to remember to book accommodation that is near to places of interest, so that while you are off playing golf they can enjoy some of the experiences that the area has to offer.

The ideal holiday package would be to stay in a holiday villa near Disney, which would also be close to the Highland Reserve, PGA Golf Course. This features a full 18 hole course built into amazing grounds and its just 15 minutes drive away from Disney World and other attractions in the area.

If you are taking a trip to Orlando with your family why not stay in our luxury Villa near Disney [http://www.villa-near-disney.com] which is just 12 minutes drive from the resort and not far from the Highland Reserve Golf course!


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