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The Summerland Promises to Revitalize

Summertime is a great time to take a vacation and experience the excitement of new adventures and to get renewed in body, mind, and spirit. The Summerland is a different kind of vacation that promises to inspire and rejuvenate.

Hotel Staycation

Want to ‘get away’ without actually going away? What about a hotel staycation?

Planning a Staycation in Victoria, BC

Victoria is rated as one of the top cities in Canada to visit. Why leave when such an amazing city is already at your feet? Here are some reasons and tips for planning a Vacation in Victoria, B.C.

Vacations on a Budget – Consider a Staycation

Summer is in full swing and the rising mercury levels call for a refreshing summer break. We’re thinking pina coladas, party and an exotic beach! It will require planning, setting a budget, making some important calls, reservations and packing! Lots of bags and travelling. If you’re someone who is running low on cash or is saving up for an apartment in a better neighborhood than how about you bring the party home?

Staycation Guide: 5 Places In The UK That Will Make You Feel You Are Abroad

Staycations are again on the rise more, and more Brits are deciding to stay home for their holidays. But where in the UK should you go if you have never had a staycation before or fancy trying something new? Here is my staycation guide is here to help. The UK is a dynamic place full of history, natural beauty, dramatic coastlines and historical cities. Every corner has such an individual identity that no two places are alike.

Awesome Cities in the US To Take a Staycation

The United States is filled with hundreds of staycation-friendly cities. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to help you pick the destination where you can spend 3-5 days to reboot, relax, and rejuvenate.

Ten Reasons You Should Take a Daycation

Everyone dreams of taking a day off, so why don’t more people do it more often? Here we examine some of the resistance we may have to taking a day off and list ten compelling reasons why a “daycation” is a great gift we have the liberty of giving to ourselves.

Top Tips for Getting Away From It All, Without Actually Getting Away

I have just booked a holiday, the kind of holiday I have never booked before… an all inclusive week long spa break. I have almost always gone away in search of something; adventure, creativity, exploration (of self and the world), romance, culture, learning… but now I know all this is available on my own doorstep I feel less of a need for a holiday and strangely, I feel like I need to need this kind of holiday!

Southern California Family Vacation Without the Crowds

If you live in Southern California, you know that summer brings out the crowds-visitors from around the country and around the world.. That means it’s hard to go anywhere without running into lots of people and traffic-two main ingredients that makes kids (and parents) cranky.

Online Business Travel and Time Sharing

The term “staycation” is a paradox in itself. It has the word “stay” in it, which is the total opposite of the other half of the word-vacation, which means to spend time away from home. If flying out to another destination is a hassle, or when a weekend getaway at the beach costs an arm and a leg, spending the day in a place close to home, or at a place that’s homey enough could be the best option.

Chicago Staycation

Has the economy caused vacation plans with the kids to crumble? Disney Cruise not an option? Experience and enjoy Chicago with your kids from the many museums,to off the beaten path activities like family karaoke. Enjoy the city like a kid again!

Take A Day Trip To A Blueberry Farm

Looking for something fun to do on your staycation? Take a day trip to a blueberry farm!

Making the Most of Your Staycation

Trying to rein in spending this summer? This year, forgo the pricey vacation and opt for the cheap and cheerful staycation. Staycations can be a surprisingly fun alternative, if you put a little planning and effort into it. Dial down the day-to-day drudgery and schedule in loads of exciting activities – and your holiday will be a resounding success!

Best Animal Experiences in the UK

Despite what you might think, you don’t need to fly all the way to Africa to see wild animals. There are some incredible animal experiences that you can participate in on your home turf. Whether you’ve got a thing for big cats or are hungry for an experience for wolves, you can get close to these majestic mammals in sunny Britain. Here are some of our favourite furry encounters:

Pack Smart – Relocating Done Right

You’ve prepared for money problems, health problems, and any other life problems you can think of, but now you’re sitting in the middle of your new living room surrounded by boxes and you don’t know where to start. Relocating can be stressful, and when all is said and done, you don’t want to have to worry about finding an outfit to wear the next day because you don’t know where anything is.

A Smart Community or Regional Tourist Committee Starts With Local Traffic and Word-Of-Mouth

The other day, I was talking to a group of folks who had set up a tourist committee for our local region. Their job was to get people from other regions to come in and spend their money, enjoy the sights and things to do. There are many activities in our area, and it does draw a tremendous number of people from outside the area. Nevertheless, it occurred to me that they were spending all sorts of money in nearby counties and even other states. They were involved with all sorts of other groups and associations and travel networks.

Hit The Road And Have Home Cooked Meals Too!

Motorhome explorers just love this way of cooking because it makes life on the road easier for them to enjoy the things they want to do along with their love to explore and travel. This is a simple economical way of producing delicious home-cooked, healthy meals. Savour the tastes of local produce along the way.

Boquete Panama – An Amazing Place for Retirement

One place in Central America that has become a popular place for retirement is Boquete Panama. Situated in the mountain highlands of the country, Boquete is a small town that offers so much for tourists and retirees alike. Outdoor activities, spectacular views, cool climate, fresh air and a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle can be experienced in Boquete. An amazing destination, that’s what it is. Boquete’s unique history, culture and natural beauty continues to attract tourists and retirees from various parts of the world. This simply shows that it is one place that’s definitely worth visiting and consider as one’s permanent place of residence.

Panama – One of the Best Places to Travel to

If you’re looking for the best places to travel and spend some quality time for leisure and relaxation, then Panama is one perfect destination spot that you should add to your itinerary. This country is currently deemed as the gem of Central America as it has a booming economy that can be quite a challenge for other third world countries. Breathtaking scenery and enjoyable outdoor activities coupled with low cost of living definitely make this country one of the best places to travel to in the world.

Why Expats in Panama Are Growing in Number

Panama has become a retirement spot for many American and European expats. There’s a reason why expats in Panama are growing in number and that is because a comfortable life awaits at low costs of living. Almost everyone dreams of having a nice house in a beautiful environment, and Panama most certainly answers that dream. Coupled with a cheap way of living, a good life in Panama is easier to achieve and then maintain as one grows old in the comforts of friends and family.


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