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Get a Gorgeous New Look With a Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Creating an impression is always our main goal, be it in public, with our loved ones, or just with a stranger. One of the ways to do this is with a smile, and a perfect smile is said to be more enchanting than our entire body language. Even those with a great natural smile have gone a mile further to perfect it with a smile make-over procedure.

Top Tips To Help You Rent A Yacht

If you want to spend your vacation somewhere amazing, you may consider chartering a yacht for a couple of days. Keep in mind that yachts are special sea vessels as they offer comfort, luxury and a lot of fun stuff. If you decide on renting a yacht, we bet that you won’t regret your decision.


On a vacation, if you choose to travel by yacht, know that it may offer tons of fun. In fact, it’s going to be an ideal way to unwind after months of the busy schedule. A day on the sea will be an experience that you won’t forget, and yacht renting will make it a lot more special. In this article, we are going to give you a few tips that can help you rent a good yacht.

Kerala Houseboat Cruise: Amazingly Wonderful Experience

Kerala is blessed with vast areas of backwaters and the state has utilized it to hold its prestige and economy in the world level. Thanks to tourism policy of the state and active participation from the private and semi-private business ventures, Kerala Houseboats have become the pride of the sate among the travelers and tourists across the world. It is an amazingly wonderful experience to cruise in a houseboat to explore the tranquil Kerala backwaters.

4 Tips To Rent A Yacht That Will Make Your Cruise The Most Enjoyable And Memorable

Yachts have for the longest time being considered as open only to those who can afford their luxurious nature. It is however very possible for you to enjoy a luxury yacht even if for only a few days of your holiday. With so many boat rentals available, you will definitely find a yacht that you can afford for your private or group cruise needs. There is really no better way of enjoying the waterways than in yacht and with a few helpful tips, you will be able to rent a yacht that makes all your dreams come true.

The Latest Addition to the Travel Market

Islamic holidays and Halal friendly holidays are some phrases that we hear more and more these days in the world of travel. What does it truly mean? More than just finding halal food, it is a mode of holiday that caters to a type of lifestyle. Travel is something that almost all people love doing as it provides a break from the routine of daily life. Thus, it is no wonder that the travel industry as a whole works towards catering to different needs. We are regularly made aware of the different types of holidays on offer such as luxury holidays, luxury cruises, eco holidays, weekend getaways, budget holidays, backpacking and camping holidays. The list is literally endless as new and more innovative holiday ideas are brought to the market.

What Type of Cabin to Buy on Your First River Cruise

Planning your first river cruise? Don’t waste money by selecting the wrong type of cabin. Read this informative article that will guide you through the process.

Treat Yourself: The Perks Of Luxury Cruises

Luxury cruises are on the rise, and it looks like they can’t be stopped. Over the last ten years there has been 23% more growth in cruise vacations than their land-based counterparts. This growth has been helped by the fact that 80% of people who have been on a cruise stated that they would go again. And with the ever-growing range of perks available to luxury travelers, who can blame them?

How a Luxury Cruise Differs From a Regular Cruise

Which do you prefer? Do you like the larger cruise ships that hold over 4,000 passengers or the smaller ships that hold under 1,000? Some ports don’t handle the larger vessels and the attention to the passenger is better on the smaller ships. So, check out the possibilities with these luxury cruise lines.

New Age Luxury Travel

The present luxury travelers are looking for new and unique experiences. They want to learn and understand the culture and history of the places they visit. They must experience it like a local, or more aptly, a very wealthy local. The new aspect of luxury vacation, it’s no longer about living in the most expensive hotels or eating off gold (or actually eating it); it’s now about experiencing that you’ll never forget that no one else has Instagrammed.

Charter A Private Yacht in Greece – Why Choose Greece? by Christina Papadopoulos

The exotic sunny Greek islands are ideal for a Private Yacht Charter in Greece! The whole country seems like a large beautiful “Resort” for total relaxation and looks like the perfect place for a Yacht Charter in the Greek islands! The Eastern part of Greece has the following group of islands to visit: The Cyclades group of Islands, the Sporades group of Islands, the Dodecanese group of Islands. In the west part of Greece, you can cruise aboard your own Private Yacht Charter along the amazing Ionian group of Islands.

A River Nile Cruise in Egypt

The River Nile is the heart of Egypt; it gave life to the Egyptians in the past as well as in the modern world. The River Nile has been a constant source of transport and communication as well as major source of fertility and riches.

Dock Walking – Getting a Job on a Super Yacht

Getting a job is working for a billionaire is not easy. In this insightful article I explain how I got a job working on a super yacht and the process I went through to achieve my goal of changing my career direction and working on a yacht.

The Development of the Nautical Tourism in Croatia

The country of 1000 islands, the total revenue of the tourism in the whole of the world amounts to 100 billion euros. Nowadays Croatia gets 6% slice of the tourism cake. Before the war, tourism in Croatia was the main economic drive which was filling in the coffers of the National Bank of ex-Yugoslavia.

Charmed by a Sunset Cruise

The sunset never fails to bring out the romantic in us. Its dramatic hues of orange and purple make anyone who witnesses it reflective and thoughtful as they watch the sun bid the world goodbye for the day. When you gaze at the setting sun while taking on a soothing cruise on a luxury yacht, the atmosphere becomes even more enchanting. Whether you’re on a honeymoon or you’re simply taking a timeout with family and friends, a nostalgic sunset cruise in Dubai will make it memorable forever. Breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab, of Atlantis The Palm, of the man-made Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands all radiant under the golden sunset only add more to the allure of a sunset cruise. It’s a must-try if you’re in this part of the world.

Factors to Consider When Buying Charter Boats

There are thousands of boats around the globe available for charter. If you narrow your choices to bareboat or crewed charter, select the type of boat, size of boat and other extra features, choosing the destination and time of year, finding the right charter boat becomes easy. Large charter companies often have a fleet of charter boats from a few leading models and builders.

Why Turkey Is Your Best Option for an Awe-Inspiring Holiday

Cappadocia is a beautiful and enchanting travel destination in Central Anatolia region of Turkey. The area is quite arid and dry but its popularity lies in its awe-inspiring natural beauty. The stark landscape of the region only highlights the wonders of the region. One of the oldest inhabitable locations of the world, Cappadocia has been recognised as a historical heritage.

The Perfect Holiday Cruise – Luxury Gulet Cruises

One of the truly intercontinental tourist destinations is the beautiful country of Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey reflects the influences of both Europe and Asia and its coastlines are considered to be the most beautiful in the Mediterranean stretch. Tranquil and lonely coastlines, stunning beaches and amazing resorts dot the enchanting coasts of Turkey and each of them are virtually a great temptation to tourists and travellers but the best thing to try are the luxury gulet holidays in Turkey.

Stop Off in Strasbourg – The City of Heritage

As the first city centre to be named a UNESCO World Heritage site in its entirety, Strasbourg is among the world’s most beautiful and historic destinations and, with its impressive architecture and many museums, it is not difficult to see why. Close to the Germanic border, its traditions and culture is an eclectic mix of French and European heritage, making it an immensely popular destination during European trips and cruises as visitors come to experience a true sense of European medieval heritage. Museums It is, in part, due to this heritage that Strasbourg has such a…

Sex on a Yacht

It has been said that a yacht is a hole in the water into which you throw money, so why do people who have spent a lifetime accumulating wealth suddenly decide it’s time to throw some of it away? “Sex on a Yacht” attempts to answer the question of why wealthy people buy yachts.


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