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About Bicycles

INFORMATION ABOUT BICYCLE AND BICYCLE CALATORS Before you start your bike, you have to test the bike and the equipment, it is good to have the bike bugged in all the mechanisms, to check the games that can be admitted to the wheels and the changers. After checking the bike follow the equipment, check if the stitches are more resilient If you are all right, you can get the tools, water and food preparation. You must have flashlights on the batteries if the dynamo, the headlamp or the rear lamp…

Upper Mustang Trek: The Hidden Kingdom in Nepal

The Mustang Region in Nepal is the last and hidden kingdom. Still we can find there rule of the king and the last and foremost oldest Tibetan Religon, culture and styles. The desert-like landscapes and the oldest man made caves are incredible…

30 Reasons Why South Africa’s Wild Coast Is the Best Place in the World to Be a Backpacker

The Wild Coast is like no other destination in Africa. Far from the chaos of the cities, it’s a place where backpackers mingle with Xhosa villagers, devoted surfers and new-age hippies far away from the rest of the world. Its a place to hike, to explore and to get away from everything. Here are 30 reason’s why South Africa’s Wild Coast is the best place to be a backpacker in the world!

5 Important Hiking Safety Tips For Active Seniors

Are you a senior who wants to try hiking for the first time or again after years of being inactive? Have a grand and memorable time outdoors with these hiking safety tips for seniors!

Useful Tips for Novice Trekkers by Supriya Abhay Deshpande

Trekking is a very fascinating thing to be done in the world of travel. Trekking is one of the best ways to test your patience and capacity. Today trekking has gained lot of prominence in travel lovers. Not only the mountain lovers or the professionals even the travel lovers are involved in this adventure.

Trekking an Adventure With Nature by Supriya Abhay Deshpande

Trekking is a very relaxing and inspiring activity. After all it is one of the best things which encourage me to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. It brings me joy and happiness. I encourage everyone who meets me to at least trek once in their lives. It is not at all a difficult or complicated activity. First timer might imagine that it is a very tiresome and difficult thing to be done. However trekking is a very easy activity which can be enjoyed with friends and family. A walk in the hills cannot be tiresome.

5 Essential Tips For Hiking With Kids For The First Time

Planning to take your kids hiking for the first time? Follow these essential tips for hiking with kids to ensure fun and safety!

Solo Hiking Tips: How To Stay Safe On The Trail For A Day Hike

The thought of hiking solo for the first time can be scary. Here are essential solo hiking tips about how to stay safe on the trail!

Backpacking 101: 5 Effective Tips For Lightweight Packing

How much you bring greatly impacts your backpacking trip. Here are 5 packing tips to make sure your pack contains all you need but is still lightweight!

3 Things You Should Never Do While Hiking

Want to experience safe and enjoyable time outdoors? Here are 5 things you should avoid doing while hiking!

The Top Hiking Essentials For A Day Hike

Whether you’re hiking for a day or staying for a week, every hiker should come prepared. These top 10 hiking essentials are a must-bring!

5 Common Hiking Mistakes That First-Timers Should Avoid

Going on your first hike soon? Avoid these common hiking mistakes to ensure a safe and fun time outdoors!

Hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway which is the United States longest linear park has been the most popular travel destination on the eastern side of the country for almost 70 years. It begins in the Shenandoah National park in Virginia and snakes it way south into North Carolina for over 460 miles until it reaches its conclusion in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park bordering the Cherokee Indian Reservation. The construction began in late 1935 and lasted until 1987 when it was finally finished with the completion of the Linn Cove Viaduct which wraps over 7 miles around Grandfather Mountain.

Hiking 101: 3 Essential Tips For First-Timers

Been invited by your friends to hike? Here are 5 useful tips to help you as a hiking beginner!

Hiking Gloves: What Makes Them Ideal for Multifaceted Adventures?

Today, the human pursuit of settling for nothing less than extraordinary has reflected in literally everything. Be it an A.I. induced revolution or modern technology that has helped us upgrade our living style regarding clothing, food, shelter or entertainment related needs; we have been at the helm of continuous progression. As for something as fundamental, and used on a broader scale, like outdoor gloves, we must reckon the change that modern technology roped in by enhancing the comfort and functional aspects of these products. With a widespread usage across every domain, be it commercial and industrial, fashion, sports and recreational and more, there’s no way that we will rule out the importance of such utilitarian thingies supporting us in all our endeavours. In this regard, we take hiking (or sports and fitness) gloves into consideration for validating their necessity, relating to the domain they point to, i.e. camping and hiking. This article has some information to help you get acquainted with one information about hiking gloves as to what makes these sports and fitness accessories a suitable option for camping and hiking sessions?

Treasure Hunting Wilderness Hunting – Color or Camo?

What clothing to don for treasure hunting depends largely on personal preference and practicality. The best advise is to “Dress for Success.”

The Best Backpacking Europe Routes

An adventurous backpacking trip to Europe can be the international trip of a lifetime and one to add to your bucket list. I was on the fence when the idea was presented to me, but it didn’t take long to change my mind. I was promised by some experienced travelers that backpacking is the only way to go especially if you’re looking for gorgeous nature, a cultural melting pot, world famous sites and a whole world of adventure.

Count’n Ounces and Treasure Hunting

Hiking and primitive camping can be a fun and relaxing activity… except when you’re carrying your body-weight in food, clothing, supplies, and the proverbial kitchen sink. Early on, I learned the very valuable lesson of Counting Ounces, which has made my field time just as enjoyable as it sounds.

06 Essential Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

With this article today I will be sharing you 06 travel tips for solo female travelers. So if you are a female traveler who likes to go solo and have questions regarding safety then these hacks will surely help you out in keeping you safe. Being a travel blogger, I always receive emails from my female readers regarding their safety when they are traveling solo or even with a companion.

How to Make Your Long Holiday More Fun With Great Wall Hikes

If you want to enjoy Great wall hiking all alone in the company of friends and family then there are trek agencies that do not make you hike through the busy sections. Since the Badaling section stays touristy all the year round, they make it certain that you embark upon an original, remote and wild journey.


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