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Gibraltar For an English Speaking Getaway

Many Britons looking to get away from the country tend to stray towards sunnier climates. Of course, if these countries have English as a first tongue then the transition is a lot easier.

Some countries are obvious targets – those in North America as well as Australia and New Zealand, for example. These countries are all a good distance away from the UK and although this may be the very reason they’re desirable for some people, for others that may be off-putting.

Closer to home – and to safety and familiarity – is the European haven of Gibraltar. English speaking, with Mediterranean sunshine, it’s perfect for a young professional wishing to leave Britain.

Living in Gibraltar itself, however, can be expensive and many visitors – and, indeed, many who work in Gibraltar – opt instead to sleep on the other side of the Spanish border.

One popular place is La Linea de la Concepcion – popularly shortened to La Linea – in the province of Cadiz in Andalucia. A mere stroll across the border, this town generally offers cheaper accommodation and costs of living. The two have a long history or working alongside each other. From the 18th century onwards the people of La Linea have traveled to Gibraltar to work at the port and today the town remains a major supplier of provisions such as fruit and vegetables.

This relationship was temporarily halted between 1969 and 1982 when the Spanish government closed the border because of the dispute with Britain over who held the title of sovereignty of Gibraltar.

The main drawback of La Linea – for British visitors, at least – is that it is by no means a tourist town. While one of the benefits of Gibraltar is that the people there speak English, in La Linea it’s all Spanish with little or no consideration for others. Menus, for example, are one language with no pictures to help, as is often the way in the more popular tourist destinations.

While it may not be suitable for the daily commute, for travelers staying in Marbella may be an option. Around an hour’s drive from Gibraltar, Marbella offers a much more pleasant holiday destination for the casual tourist.

With sites like the Arabian Wall and the Bonsai Museum, the city in Malaga has its own attractions – as well as a number of popular beaches – to offer. Marbella hotels are often more tourist friendly than those in La Linea while still only being a short time away from Gibraltar.

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