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From a Waterfront Hotel To a Picnic: Reconnecting A Relationship

Relationships can fall into a rut very quickly. If they are not stoked like a warm fire from time to time, they can easily burn out. This is why it is so important to take time together to reconnect. Getting away for a weekend on a regular basis or having dates from time to time can do wonders for a relationship. Whether it is an afternoon at the lake skipping rocks or a weeklong getaway at a waterfront hotel, any amount of time alone together can really make a difference in the health of a partnership.

Why Getting Away Is Important

Strong relationships are those that are nurtured. As with most partnerships, they start off with strong feelings of connectivity and love. It becomes a priority because those natural feelings of love and caring are there early on in a relationship. Over time, though, those “new love” feelings can gradually slip away. Nurturing a relationship should be a priority. However, with the business of daily life, certain priorities can become a bit skewed. Kids, jobs, and daily commitments can overshadow a relationship very quickly if it is not given enough attention.

To keep a partnership alive and healthy, it is so important to take some time together, one-on-one, to focus on one another. Talk, bond, and enjoy some peace without any interruptions. A weekend alone can do wonders for couples that are feeling isolated due to their busy lives.

Have A Plan

Making time for one another needs to be a priority, just like any other important commitment. Pick a date on the calendar at least once or twice a month to have a date. It does not have to be an extravagant outing. A simple evening at a coffee shop or a picnic at a nice park can really help develop a relationship.

Get Away

An ideal way to reconnect is to take some time away together without anyone else. Adults need that time away from the normal day-to-day activities in order to reconnect in a way that cannot always be done at home. Any getaway will do, like a weekend at a waterfront hotel. This type of destination can provide a serene background of peace and tranquility. Use this sort of destination as a metaphor to what a relationship should be: strong, soothing, and relaxing.

If money is an issue, which it can be for many couples, think of some creative ways to save on lodging. Traveling in the off-season can be very economical, as rates are much less expensive. The point is to get away, even if the beach is freezing cold. It can still be a magical time because the goal is to reconnect.

Take A Day Trip

If spending a weekend at a waterfront hotel is simply not an option, take a day trip instead. So many towns are within driving distance to some great attractions that are very inexpensive. Some may even be free. State parks, for instance are very affordable. Pack a picnic lunch and spend a day hiking beautiful trails.

No matter the destination, take this important time together to reconnect with one another. Life can get hectic and boring, but a relationship does not have to be. Do not feel guilty about hiring a babysitter to stay with the kids so the adults can have some alone time. It is a critical part of a partnership. Whether it is a weekend at a waterfront hotel or a candlelight dinner in the backyard, take this time together so that the relationship will be everlasting.

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