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5 Frugal Yet Fab Holiday Party Tips

The holiday season is right around the corner and you want to plan your annual holiday bash but money’s tight and your budget slim. What gives? Here are five truly frugal but totally fabulous tips to throw your best holiday party yet!

Any party host knows that the biggest bill of the night usually is the bar tab. Why not skip it altogether and suggest each guest brings their favorite bottle of wine? Simply put on the invites something along the lines of: “Bring your favorite bottle of vino to share!” You and your guests will get to enjoy a wide array of divine wines without blowing your entire party budget.

Cheap & Chic Decor
Think cheap and chic when it comes to party decorations; string white Christmas lights up the banister, use pillar candles as centerpieces, and fill vases with round holiday ornaments.

Opt for Cocktail Hour
To save on the (hefty) food bill, host your party long before or well after the dinner hour; otherwise, your guests may show up expecting to fill their bellies. Instead of a full-blown feast, serve tasty appetizers and hor d’oeuvres that guests can snack on while sipping (see tip #1). Need some cheap but tasty ideas? Try a massive cheese platter with fresh fruit and mini baguette slices, bite-size gooey chocolate brownies, baked onion dip, or mini crab cakes.

Plan White Elephant
While mingling will be a big part of the party, why not plan something fun and memorable (not to mention cheap)? Mention on the invitations you plan on doing a white elephant exchange and have each guest bring a silly gift.

Tasty Party Favors
Don’t want your guests to leave empty-handed? For inexpensive party favors that are sure to be hit, fill a big bowl with flavored candy canes or homemade cookies and let each guest take one on their way out.

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